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Chiropractic Advertising & Marketing was founded in 1982 and has since been in the forefront of helping chiropractors everywhere get new patients. It wasn’t just theory, but strategies implemented first hand by the founder to create a high performance multi-location practice in California.

Our company is dedicated to helping top chiropractic professionals reach more patients with ease. We have designed methods that are proven to grow your practice without relying on screenings and other external events. Our chiropractors enjoy a suite of services that include local social media marketing, marketing strategy optimization, and website development – all of which are targeted to boost new patient inflow. Simply put, we deliver great results quickly and easily.

About Our CEO

the president of Chiropractic Advertising

Bryan Citrin
President / CEO

Bryan Citrin’s family has a rich history in the profession boasting over 120 years of combined chiropractic experience. His father founded the Chiropractic Advertising & Marketing. Both of his parents and uncle are Logan graduates. He has used his business savvy and digital marketing experience to grow Chiropractic Advertising & Marketing into a household brand within the profession.

When not leading his team of expert chiropractic marketers, Bryan enjoys giving back through mission work to Haiti and campus ministry. He has taken over 20 humanitarian mission trips to a rural Haitian village and has helped with campus ministry on prominent campuses such as UCLA and USC.

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