The Importance of Local SEO for Marketing Chiropractic Practices

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The type of business a person has will depend on whether they would benefit from local search engine optimization. In the case of chiropractors, it’s essential that search engines are aware of their location.

This is because Google automatically provides local search results for particular types of businesses, whether a person searches using local terms or not. For instance, someone living in New York will automatically see local results for chiropractors whether they search for “Chiropractors in New York” or just for “Chiropractors.”

As a result, if your practice isn’t seen as local by Google, it won’t show up at the top of search results for people in your area.

Even if your site is designed with SEO in mind, it will do you little good if you’re not ranking locally and your competitors are.

We Can Develop a Local SEO Plan for Your Chiropractic Practice

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Standard SEO is fairly similar to local SEO, but there are some key differences. If you’re not aware of them, you could easily end up losing out on new patients.

Some of the key components of local SEO include:

  • Registering with Google My Business
  • Setting up a Facebook Business page
  • Creating content with a local flavor that Google associates with the area you’re in
  • Obtaining local reviews
  • Optimizing your website for local searches
  • Using Schema markup to provide rich snippets for search engines and social media sites
  • Getting listed in local directories and on review sites

As you can see, that’s a pretty daunting list, and it doesn’t even include all of the ways that you can optimize your practice’s website for local searches.

We can help you achieve top search engine rankings as well as ensure that your chiropractic practice appears at the top of Google maps results. With our experience in marketing chiropractic practices, we can help to ensure that anyone in your area searching for a chiropractor will see your practice, front and center.